Dream team

Trained in the best schools, our team is made of various profiles in order to tackle our customers problems.


Lead software developer

Since March 2017, Alberto has been coding most of his time on the different projects we are working on. Conscientious and efficient, Alberto delivers code without bug (or almost) in record time (or almost). Nobody understands what he’s typing, but the machine seems to be running, so we let it go. Outside of work, he takes care of his 4 (!) children.


Project manager

Fascinated by sports and events (default probably linked to her studies in sports management!), Tiffany manages projects with a master hand. She ensures that projects are on track and on time. A small bonus, she shares her contagious good mood with the Dootix team. Besides work, she runs in the mountains and enjoys gastronomy.


Odoo business developer
Spécialiste en gestion de PME

Entrepreneur in the heart, Sylvie is responsible for the commercial development of Dootix and its services. She has the sensitivity and experience to advise and support our clients and future clients regarding business management software. Sylvie is dynamic, audacious and she likes to take on new challenges by bringing a living approach with a human dimension. In summary, Sylvie is ... vitaminized !


Software developer intern
EMF Student

Coming from the Ecole des métiers from Fribourg and future engineer, Noé is completing his graduation project as a software developer at Dootix. The code’s lines have no secrets for him.


Founder & CEO
PhD. & MSc. EPFL

Jean founded Dootix by deciding that it was about time to change the management of IT projects. Long live Agile methods! Always ready to try new technologies (deformation related to his EPFL studies), he enjoys listening to his colleagues and sharing his new ideas, sometimes a bit utopian! Besides Dootix, he enjoys sports and traveling.


Digital guru

Moyna takes care of Dootix's digital strategy while managing the contact with new customers. Passionate about digital news, she brings her knowledge into our digital strategy and arranges for the X of Dootix to be inked in your brain (X ... X ... X ... you got it?). Besides Dootix, Moyna enjoys sport and gastronomy (we end up believing that this is a female talent here). Ah and on top of that ... she's doing a HEG Master!

100% Swiss services

Our developers are based in Switzerland, in our company. We were granted the Swiss Made Software label, ensuring high quality in the software created and in the project management.

Dootix supports culture and sport

We support events and associations that promote values that are important to us, such as sport, culture or the support of young people. It is important for us to invest ourselves for a better world.

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