Successfully start your digital journey


Visualize your digital status

We will join your company and see how your work then analyze if the tools you are using are relevant to your company.


Decide what must be done first

Based on our analysis, prioritize what you want to do based on your knowledge of your company.


Know how much it will cost

We will help you to invest your money in your company successfully. Only do what is relevant to you and at the right price.

Your digital checkup

Your management + Dootix, two hours


During approximately 2 hours, we discuss with the management on the short-term and long-term goals. Together, we hand-pick the members of your staff which will take part to the next step.

Your staff + Dootix, one day


With hand-picked members of your staff, we start with a workshop focused on the user and customer experience in your company. We then continue with a second workshop focused on the digital tools you are using, starting with the possible flaws we encounter in the first workshop.

Dootix, one day


Using the data of the two workshops, we go back to our office and analyze all the data. We then prepare an accurate report, taking into account the discussion of the first step.

Your management + Dootix, two hours


During approximately 2 hours, we discuss with the management the output of the digital checkup. You will understand what is required to make a successful digitalization, how much it costs and what are the benefits.

The costs


CHF 3'990.-

Interested ? Contact us !

Without taxes, excluding traveling expenses, meals.