Let's develop together the software that will lead you to the digital era

From an idea to the amazing product

01 Kick-off

Dootix speaks your language. Based on innovative user-centeric methods, we think together to improve, challenge, design and visualize the project. We are convinced that the success of a project relies on a powerful brainstorming.

02 First half-time

With us, you are investing your money in a smart way. In collaboration with our partner Experientiel, a UX and CX specialist, we design a prototype of the digital solution that is best suited to the project. At this point, only you can decide to continue to the next step.

03 Second half-time

You liked the prototype ? It's time to show you what we are capable of. Strong supporters of open source, we develop innovative solutions based on maximum interactions with our customers, supported by an Agile project management.

04 Overtime

Because a product can constantly be improved, we continue to support you throughout the project's development. Long-term collaborations is the key of our business.

Digital Checkup

As of today, companies that have missed the digital shift will face fierce competition that will put them in a delicate situation. We offer to anticipate this phenomenon by carrying out a checkup to make sure that your company is able to live the digital transformation successfully and with adapted tools.

By asking these questions today, you will save time and maximize your competitive advantage. So you can calmly anticipate the massive arrival of digital!

Event management softwares

For an easy and effective management of your volunteers


The innovative application to organize your event


Odoo is a user-friendly, customer centric, and innovative business management software. More than an ERP, it allows to manage many aspects related to your company.

Implementation costs are significantly lower than existing software on the market. When needs match, we integrate Odoo for our customers.


Accounting and invoicing

Project management

Production management

Sales and e-commerce

Human ressources

Mobile app

Our assets

Agile Project Management

User experience



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