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Our company provides two innovative products. DootixEvent is used to manage your event (registrations, schedules, hosting, etc.), small or big. DootixVolunteers helps you manage your volunteers in an optimal and professional manner.


DootixEvent allows you to manage your event from top to bottom. Optimized for what you need, you can use it to register coworkers, participants and it can manage schedules, financials, and diplomas. Even hosting and catering can be managed. DootixEvent can be used for small events such as a sport race, but could be used for bigger events as well, such as music festivals.



When organizing an event, managing the volunteers is often a complex task to fulfill. DootixVolunteers, based on DootixEvent, allows you to effectively manage your volunteers. From registration to contacting by email or sms then to dispatching among the sectors, DootixVoluntters is the perfect allied to a successful event.



Software engineering

Often, existing softwares on the market do not fulfill your company's requirements, and it is hard to find a software company which can effectively provide you with the correct software. Our software engineers are here to provide you with the best software you ever dreamed of, developed right for your needs and requirements. Trust us, we are the best in the field.


Business management and decision analysis

Every single important process needs to be optimized in a company. Production, inventory management or deployment, transport, dispatching, etc. Every step must be optimized in a global way, in order to let you do what you do best: your job. We are here to help you. Let our company guide you to find which processes need to be optimized, and let us provide you with successful solutions.


Cloud hosting

Hosting online applications, without worrying about backups, or security, while benefiting from a permanent online presence is hard to find. Top-end application hosting solutions usually offer a generic offer, which makes it difficult to match your requirements. We are able to provide such a customized service, and even more.


Software engineering


For a web or a desktop application, our team of software engineers will help you produce the best multi-platform softwares, for every required platform.
And if you need it, we even own the required infrastructure to host it online.



As of today, information must be available everywhere, on your phone, your computer, your tablet, etc. Everything must be synchronized. Our team of engineers will provide you with the best tools, such that everything you need will be available worldwide.

Business management and decision analysis

Save time

In a company, we always lack of time, and it is a serious concern. With our help, you will be able to locate time consuming processes, and optimize them to save a considerable amount of time. We will guide you through the search of time consuming processes, and then will provide state-of-the-art solutions to optimize them. It often uses a customized software.

Increase the quality

Quality is probably the most important detail for a client who thinks about hiring your company. We will help you locate bottlenecks and drawbacks in your production processes and guide you to reduce them, down to zero. Your overall quality will increase, and your clients will be more satisfied. Do not let your reputation go down because of avoidable flaws.

Financial savings

Important amounts of money are wasted, because of a lack of global vision by companies. Top-tier multinational companies understood that long ago and are working on stopping these wastes, right now. Do not miss the chance. We will help you find which processes could be externalized and which should be, on the opposite, internalized. Finally, we will provide optimized solutions.

Where we can help

CRM, ERP, Intranet, Big Data
Project management, scheduling problems
Vehicle routing problems / customers visits
Inventory deployment
Production management
Demand forecast

Cloud hosting

For standard websites, we propose a single offer, which is most of the time what you will need. And if you need more, our platform can provide you with customized solutions and cloud computing.

Our website offer
5 GB disk space
Access to Apache logs
No set-up fee
Unlimited traffic
Daily backup on a remote server
Detailed access statistics
PHP scripts (v5.3+)
30 MySQL databases (v. 5+)
Technical support with tickets
Secure administration panel
100 email accounts
1 GB per email account
30 mailing lists
Unlimited email aliases
Secured POP/IMAP access
Secured SMTP
Anti-virus system that is constantly updated
Powerful anti-spam system
CHF 150.-/year tax not included (domain name not included)



Dootix Sàrl was created in 2012 by two PhD engineers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and initially focused on applications hosting by taking over the WrackWeb company, and improving its existing platform. At the end of 2014 we started by providing companies with consulting and decision making tools. We work with top-end experts if the fields and our engineers are very competent at project managing, software development and optimization. Today, we are also specialized in the development of innovative event management softwares.


Founder and CEO of Dootix, Jean first studied communication systems engineering at EPFL and then did a PhD in business administration at the University of Geneva. Since summer 2015, he has been working full time for Dootix.

Within Dootix, Jean mainly deals with the projects development. He provides a rigorous and professional overview on the management of the projects carried out by his team.

Tiffany joined Dootix in March 2016 after completing a Master in sports management at the University of Lausanne. With her project management and public relations skills, she manages various projects related to DootixEvent as well as the corporate marketing and communication.

Tiffany and Jean form a young and dynamic team, passionate about sports and traveling. They put their passion, dynamism and professionalism on the development of Dootix.

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