Agile software development

From an idea to the amazing software

We are digitalization specialists : we develop tailor-made software to support you in the digital era with the adapted digital tools. We particularly focus on two factors: the elements that make you waste time and the improvement of the your customers experience.

1. Starting the digitalization process

Dootix speaks your language. Based on innovative user-centeric methods, we think together to improve, challenge, design and visualize the project. We are convinced that the success of a digital project relies on a powerful brainstorming.

2. The prototype of your dreams

With us, you are investing your money in a smart way. In collaboration with our partner Experientiel, a UX and CX specialist, we design a prototype of the digital solution that is best suited to the project. At this point, only you can decide to continue to the next step.


3. A software that suits you

You liked the prototype ? It's time to show you what we are capable of. Strong supporters of open source, we develop innovative solutions based on maximum interactions with our customers, supported by an Agile project management and Scrum development. ERP, CRM and API are among our friends.


4. Let’s keep in touch

Because a product can constantly be updated, we continue to support you throughout the project's development. Long-term collaborations is very important for us.

Our assets

Agile Project Management

We are managing projects with a maximum of interaction and collaboration with our clients. A great agility and short iterations allow us to adapt quickly to the evolutions of the project.


User experience

Build an intuitive experience is at the core of our business. Design, ergonomy, features and user interface, nothing is left behind in the interface of our applications.


Software development

We are experts in software development. Whether it is management application, ERP, database or mobile app, we develop the software that meets your needs and expectations.



Our applications are suitable for every device your company use (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.), wherever you are and when you need it. When needed, we also develop native mobile apps .



Your project becomes our concern and we aspire to accompany you as long as you need it. Whether developing new features or enhancing existing ones, we are building a sustainable partnership.


Time saving

We analyze what makes you waste time to improve your day-to-day work and allow you to focus on your strengths and your core business. Be better organized to better work and sell.