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« The best advertisement is a satisfied customer. »
– Bill Gates

Who better than our customers to talk about their experience at Dootix?

Discover their testimonials which retrace our collaboration, the details of the project developed as well as the resulting advantages.

Benoît Légeret, co-director and Coralie Lambert, assistant CFO of Régie Châtel SA
Development project with Dootix

Loris Falleti, founder and director of Care Sport Concept
Laurent Meunier, Business Developer at Dootix

Claude Progin, co-founder and director of Ready to Brand et Kenan Murseli, Purchasing team at Ready to Brand.
Laurent Meunier, Business Developer at Dootix

Yannick Bürgisser, Administrative Manager of the Grisoni group and Frédéric Duperrex, Deputy Director of Augsburger Géothermie SA

Nicolas Sonney, Director of Fire System SA, a passive fire protection company in Bulle

Pascal Bovet, Technical Director STI Telecom, telecommunications company in Châtel-St-Denis

Romain Castella, Director of the Vacherin Fribourgeois Interprofession and Philippe Caille, Control and Quality Manager